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About Wicow

Wicow started in 2008. We take great pride in the development of the latest high tech online publication format; the EZ-Flip.

The EZ-Flip was designed to be extremely user friendly. We want the readers to feel very comfortable when reading publication online. We did not want to overwhelm them with too many gadgets that they began to feel lost.

We spent a long time developing the best program with the EZ-Flip. The goal was to offer our customers the highest quality in the market today.

We like to customize some of our features on the EZ-Flip to what our customers want. We are very flexible.

Our service is very fast! You get it when you want it.

In conclusion, we believe that the EZ-Flip has the best quality in the market, is the best user friendly format out there and loads the publication and pages the fastest.


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